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Professional Pipe Repairs and More

From Maintain A Drain Ltd
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Pipe repairs with trenchless excavation

Across High Wycombe from Maintain A Drain

Trenchless repairs

Pipe repairs

Being a home owner can all of a sudden become much more stressful when you notice there is a burst pipe causing a water logged garden or a flooded drive. However here at Maintain A Drain we advise you not to panic and just give us a call as we are available 24/7 365 days a year. Leave us to do the thinking and we will come up with the best solution for you.

We will either be able to repair or replace your old pipework, and this tends to depend on the age and wear of the pipe which we will determine at the time of inspection. If you have to replace the old pipe, there are two options - either trenching or trenchless.


This is the most costly and time consuming method of replacing the old pipes as you have to dig up the whole pipe affecting and disturbing all the landscape surrounding the pipe which is a lot of work. Thankfully this isn't the most popular method.


Our Trenchless method means we can resolve your issue with minimal digging.

  • Two pits are excavated. One for the machine and a graduated launch pit for the introduction of the new fused together pipe.

  • The burst head is connected to the new pipe.

  • The steel cable runs from the burst head, through the existing failed pipe to the machine pit and then connected to the hydraulic puller.

  • The hydraulic puller pulls the burst head which in turn is now connected to the new pipe replacing the failed drain in its entirety.

Save yourself some money and get your old pipe repaired rather than splashing out to get a whole new pipe.

This will save us time meaning that you end up paying a lot less to get your drainage back on track and working.

Drain relining

Efficient and seamless pipe relining in High Wycombe and surrounding areas.

Maintain A Drain understands that the cost of replacing sewer pipes isn’t within everyone’s budget. That’s why we offer and specialise in trenchless sewer pipe lining, also known as cured in place pipe lining or relining. Pipe relining is a cost effective alternative to replacing broken lines by digging them up. At Maintain A Drain we understand the headache that replacing sewers and sewer lines can cause. Whether you’re repairing the pipes and sewer lines for your home or commercial building anywhere in the South East, Maintain A Drain will work with you to ensure that the sewer repair or sewer replacement job is finished on time and at a cost you can afford.

Does The Whole Pipe Have To Be Re-Lined?

No, especially for clay pipes, only the cracked pipe or root intrusion area is re-lined. This is a “sectional” repair or “point repair” and costs a fraction of what re-lining the whole pipe would cost. Usually cast iron pipes in residential properties or flats are all of the same age and have experienced the same corrosive environmental conditions, so when one portion of the sewage pipe starts leaking or backing up, this would indicate the rest of the cast iron pipe has to be repaired too.

Split drainage pipe
Worker fitting pipes

Pipe Fusion

Getting your pipes fused together.
This process involves heating the ends of the pipework which is being joined, it is then forced together whilst being heated forming a strong bond. This can include materials such as; polypropylene, polyethylene, PVDF and ECTFE pipe.

This process is most commonly used in plastic pipe work to join 2 lengths of pipe together or to join a length of pipe to a fitting. This is especially useful if you need a longer pipe than what is sold.

"Excellent Company!

Maintain a Drain are amazing! They arrived at our home within an hour of my call. They efficiently sorted out our drain issue and were friendly and explained everything clearly. Dan and Josh were great! Thank you for coming to our rescue."

Debbie M

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