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Rain gutter full of autumn leaves

Reliable Gutter Cleaning

From Maintain A Drain Ltd
In High Wycombe

Autumn gutter blocked with leaves

Keep your gutters free of debris

The sole purpose of your property's guttering is to allow rainfall water to flow away from your property and into the drainage system.

Any build-up of dirt or debris, such as leaves, can interrupt this flow of escaping water and put your property of risk.


Failing to keep your gutters clean can result in birds, rodents, wasps and other pests nesting or making their homes in your guttering or roofing system. Naturally this will only cause additional damage to your property.

Failure to clear your guttering can result in the rain water not being able to flow away from your property or your guttering overflowing. This can cause serious issues for your property in the form of damp and mould inside or structural issues.

It is recommended that your guttering system is cleaned twice a year, once in spring and once in the autumn. However, if your property is near trees or woodland, it is worth considering adding a third clean during the year to remove any build-up of leaves.

At Maintain A Drain in High Wycombe, we use a long gutter vacuum system. This means we can easily and effectively reach your upper floors and ensure they are clear from any debris. This saves time and money as we do not need to employ equipment such as scaffolding towers to complete your chosen service.

"Excellent local High Wycombe Drain clearance service.

I had a drain problem and wanted to use someone local to High Wycombe. Maintain A Drain are superb. Said they would be there in an hour and they were and on a Saturday. Diagnosed the problem which need a fix, they needed to get a part and said they would return on Monday. They did! Problem solved. I can not recommend them highly enough. You would be crazy to use anyone else.
Excellent well done and thank you."

David A

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